Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sue Scheff: Rising Above Internet Defamation

Fighting against Internet Defamation can be an uphill battle - but there is finally light coming through. I meet with a Florida Senator for our second meeting today and a very prominent lawyer joined us.

Free Speech will always be in place, but it will not allow defamation or reckless regard for the truth.

I will continue to be a voice in this arena and hopefully you will see some major changes and new legal avenues and ACTION soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sue Scheff Continuing to be a Voice for People being Abused on the Internet

It is time to rise above Internet Defamation and fight back!

I have recently meet with a Florida Senator as well as a prominent attorney regarding Internet Defamation and the fact there are limits to free speech when slander is involved. It is not about removing your first amendment right, it is about not being liable. Defaming a person can lead to legal consequences.

Speaking out has caused my critics to further slander me, but it will never silence me. With more and more lawsuits being filed and more and more laws firms accepting these cases on contingency, more people that believe they can defame others will be held accountable.