Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sue Scheff - A Voice for Parents and Victims of CyberSlander

As someone that has been vocal and victorious in two major court cases, I have attracted a lot of attention, both negative and positive. Thankfully, mostly positive.

If you see questionable things on the Internet about me or my organization (P.U.R.E.), please feel free to come to the source about it.After years of helping many families through my own experiences, I will continue to share my story in hopes that others will learn from my mistakes.

Read the Blog to learn why WWASPS and the Teen Help Sales Reps continue to discredit me. At the end of the legal process, I won victoriously against a million dollar corporation. I defeated them again in the Supreme Court of Appeals - and again had victory with an $11.3M jury verdict for damages done to me on the Internet and Invasion of Privacy.